Affluence is about being in the flow. Fear creates constriction and contraction. Fear will be neutralized when you turn and face it, and see it for what it is. Courage allows you to face your fear and walk through it. Remember that you are supported, guided, and surrounded by the strength and wisdom of the Loving Power of Life Itself. Everything you need is at hand. Eric Butterworth 

Love and fear simply cannot live in the same place at the same time. Fear is nothing more than negative faith, which is faith that something bad will happen. Recognizing that Love is present, that the Power and Wisdom of Spirit are always available, and that nothing is too big for God, this awareness casts out fear. Love is the faith that something good will happen.

Living in Abundance is more about where you are coming from than what material goods you have. Step into the abundant flow of the Universe and realize that your good is at hand. Trust Spirit to support you, and then notice all the many unexpected ways you are supported, guided, lifted, and loved. Do not let your fear stop you from moving in the direction of your abundance!

Spiritual Contemplation: Where am I allowing fear to stop the flow of abundance?

Affirmation: I do not let fear stop the flow of my Abundance. I allow love to open all the channels for the flow of abundance in my life!