Anxiety, Depression, Procrastination,  being paralyzed, holding back, withholding, playing small….these are all the masks our fear wears as it controls us and our lives. It’s time to face our fear, name it, and see the truth about it. So, what’s our biggest fear? Ultimately, if you trace every fear to its source, it’s that we will die. We’ll die of embarrassment or we will lose all our money, home, and possessions and therefore die of hunger or we will lose that person we are so desperately trying to please and ultimately die alone.

Try it for yourself.  Follow every fear you have back to its source by asking yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” Keep asking yourself that question, and either you will come to an answer that you realize is so absurd you laugh or you will come to the ultimate worst thing – you will die.

Yet is that really true? Can you die? Oh, you can lay this body down, true. But you, the YOU that YOU ARE can never die.  You are a deathless, changeless, eternal, immortal being of love and light, and place where the universal is showing up as YOU. So, if you can’t really die – what’s there to be afraid of?

A Firewalk, like the one we are having this evening at CSLDallas, is an example of a powerful opportunity to face our fears. Every time we confront the thing we are afraid of, let’s keep asking ourselves that question  – “What is there to be afraid of?” Experience the power of breakthrough! Breakthrough to the power within you and set your life on fire!