When you left the house today, you had the intention of putting clothes on and you did. You didn’t try to put your pants on today. You simply put them on. The same has to hold for all of our intentions. We don’t try to be more loving partners. We make the intention, and we act on it. Patch Adams

Everything begins with intention. This intention isn’t just a passive thought; it is an actively living, fiery movement in the belly and in the heart. It is a movement in consciousness that is directly chosen and committed to without thought of retreat or inaction.

Who do you intend to be? How do you intend to behave? What intention are you holding about this moment, conversation, or project? What is your intention at work, around your business, or in your relationship?

Begin there, and then let your speaking, thinking, and doing be in alignment with your intention. This changes everything.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where am I only giving lip service to my intentions? What active intentions am I willing to set and to model for those around me?

Affirmation: My intention is an active movement in my life. I align myself with my intentions knowing Spirit supports me every step of the way.

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