“It seems that man exists for the purpose of self-expression.  There appears to be no other reason or excuse for his being.” — Ernest Holmes

Your life has a purpose.  It’s not to be a certain thing like an actor or accountant, nor to do only a certain thing, like sing or love.  So often your purpose has been made too small by trying to be fit into a box or a label.  Your purpose is to be an inlet and outlet for Life, for Consciousness, for the Divine.  Without you, there is a piece of God missing.

Life’s desire is to express Itself through all creation.  Spirit’s desire is to experience Itself through Creation.  Your purpose is for Life and Spirit to be expressed, AS YOU!  Your purpose is to be the Divine experiencing life.  Your truest purpose – to express and experience all the qualities of God, through you, as your very life!  Enjoy!

Reflection:  What is your purpose?  How are you expressing and experiencing the Divine through EVERY aspect of your life?

Affirmation:  My life’s purpose is to be Spirit AS me; to love, give, grow, and express as much of the Divine as I possible can, every moment, through every action, in every relationship.