Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.  Margaret Mead

Born of the womb that birthed the heavens, your child is much more than you see. But are your plans for your child more important than the child? Do you keep your children so busy that they have no time to daydream or be themselves? By attempting to keep your children constantly engaged and gratified, you become their hostage and not their parent. Know, instead, that you can show them a quiet, joyful way of being.

Children learn to love themselves from how you treat them, so be mindful and present in their presence. Treat them with respect. Love and guide them without manipulation and they will learn to trust themselves. Overly protective parenting. will teach children to fear disappointment. Allow them to make their own decisions and they will learn to trust themselves. If they fail it’s all right because they will survive just as we all have. Better, they will become stronger because of that failing. Express your love and confidence in their ability to deal with what’s at hand and stay away from the shame and blame game. Always have room in your soul to hear the voice of that young precious expression of Life in front of you. The gift of the heavens will far exceed your dreams.

Spiritual Contemplation: In what ways do you impose your will upon a child denying his or her soul’s personality the ability to develop? How can you be with a child in a quieter way, like a walk or meditation?

Affirmation: I honor the unique expression of my child!