If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas A. Edison

While it’s a myth that we use only 10 percent of our brainpower, it is true that we don’t necessarily use all of our creativity, focus, and energy to achieve what we set out to accomplish. We can procrastinate, talk ourselves out of it, get bored, tired, or simply be undisciplined in our approach. We can undermine ourselves with negative self-talk while gathering evidence from past experiences and other people that it most likely won’t work. That’s a lot of brainpower we’re using!

Imagine now that we use all that same brainpower to do it now, talk ourselves into it, keep ourselves motivated, make sure we get the rest and sustenance we need, and stay focused and disciplined. People do this all the time, and they accomplish amazing things, not because they have more brainpower or capability, but because they are using all their resources in a positive manner in support of their dreams. Even people with demonstrable “handicaps,” whether physical, mental, or emotional, are astounding themselves and others with what they can achieve and accomplish. What an inspiration! We are each completely capable of accomplishing so much that we would amaze ourselves.

Spiritual Contemplation: What do you most regularly use your brainpower on during the day? In the evening? On the weekends? In your spiritual practice?

Affirmation: I am capable of so much more because I am more than any limiting thought or false belief that I have. Yes, I can! Yes, I will!