Questions for Yom Kippur –
Who can say, “I have purified my heart, I am free of sin?” There is no man on earth so righteous that he never sins! Cast away the evil you have done and get yourself a new heart and a new spirit. Proverbs 20:9

Yom Kippur is the most important holy day of the Jewish year. It’s the Day of Atonement when one atones for the mistakes of the past year. On Yom Kippur, it is said that the judgment is entered and sealed in God’s book; therefore this is the last day to show in our heart the reconciliation between us and God. It’s a day spent in prayer getting as close to Spirit as humanly possible. Imagine if we worked to heal transgressions, mistakes, and inappropriate expressions the moment we recognized them instead of waiting for a future resolution? What would our world look like if we spent time daily having closeness to our higher Power?

Yom Kippur is a strong reminder to clean up our blunders and accept apologies that others offer us. What’s more important—a vendetta kind of consciousness whose angst eats away and consumes our energy and inner real estate, or a clean space for the Divine to show up with new blessings to add to our expanding abundant good? The power of atonement is profound and life changing. Let it live in us all our days.

Spiritual Contemplation: What do I need to heal in me that’s creating a distance from God, thus keeping me from being a clearer expression of the Divine?

Affirmation: I make amends. I joyfully forgive. Because God and I are one!