Science of Mind was published in 1927 and Dr. Ernest Holmes was speaking to big crowds in Los Angeles teaching how to “Work it” all the way through the Great Depression. This is the time to stay firm in the faith that you are supported, and that you, your family and your business are prosperous and thriving this year. Yes, you may wonder how that will look and it may be a bit hard to imagine now, but that is what the Universal Law and Divine Intelligence are for. Infinite Intelligence and the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance already know what is needed and how to bring you and your prosperity together. All you have to do is “work it!”

Spend time every day knowing, feeling, sensing and claiming that all your needs are met. Know that you draw your substance from an Ocean of Abundance and an Inexhaustible Source of Supply. This is where our prosperity truly comes from, not your paycheck, or your bank account, or your business. Affirm that EVERY need is met and that however it is met is alright with you. Fling open every channel of intuition and inspiration and allow Divine Intelligence to lead you and attract to you the answer to your every need. Then you will have amazing TSRWs to share with others to inspire them to their greater prosperity, too!