“We need not ask why these things are so. There can be no reason given as to why the Truth is true. We do not create laws and principles, but discover and make use of them.”  —  Ernest Holmes

“Why me?” or “Why do I keep ending up with this place/job/relationship/thought?” are not useful questions.  You are here out of habit.  The Law is simply creating for you a mirror of what you believe, expect, or accept to be the way life is.  Asking “why” is like trying to brush the hair of your reflection in the mirror!

The question is never “why”. The more useful question is, “Now what?”  “Now what” invites you to think about what you want instead. This is creating a new future, rather than simply repeating the past. Then, you must keep re-choosing that new thought/act/word/being, over and over, until it becomes your new habit.

Reflection:  Where are you stuck on the question, “Why?” How would it change if you asked, “Now what?”, instead?

Affirmation:  I no longer look to the “Why?” of the past. Instead, I focus on the “What?” of my future.