A great teacher’s monastery once drew students from near and far to learn meditation and the skills of mindfulness. One day a student was caught stealing and was reported to a sage who requested that the perpetrator be kicked out. The teacher disregarded the request. Weeks later this same student was once again caught stealing, and again the teacher chose to ignore the issue. This time the other students became outraged and drew up a petition asking that the thief be expelled. They all threatened to leave if he wasn’t. After reading the demand, the wise one called his students together and stated how astute they all were. He confirmed they knew the difference between right and wrong—and he released them all from their obligations at the monastery to go learn somewhere else. “But,” he concluded, “this one poor brother who doesn’t know right from wrong, he must stay. Who is going to teach him if I don’t? He must stay even if all of you must go.”

Spiritual Contemplation: When would it be easier not to have to deal with an uncomfortable situation? Face it anyway.

Affirmation: I follow through with that which is mine to do!

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