By some inner mystic Presence, I was told to live and love, to laugh and to be glad. I was told to be still and know of the One Almighty Power, in and through all. I was told to let that power work through and in me. I believed that voice and I received my Good. I am healed – the JOY of Life. – From The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Listen to your inner guidance and your heart. Pay attention to the way your faith moves you. Open up to the wisdom and intelligence that flows through you as creativity and knowing. To make sure that your channels are clear moderate the amount of news and social media you take in to stay informed. Make sure you are getting plenty of inspiration through your own spiritual practice and offerings online. Go to for a steady stream of uplifting music and short inspirational talks and articles. Stay tuned in to a higher vibration. This will keep you steady, sane, and healthy.