Life is always richer when we’re not playing who we are but being who we are. Sir Ben Kingsley

What if, instead of taking his garbage to the curb, your friend came and dumped it on your living room floor? Now that would catch your attention! You wouldn’t put up with his garbage in your house, and you’d probably remember that invasion for some time. Now think about those people who dump trash in your mind: gossip, sarcasm, put-downs, attacks, complaints, inebriated slurs, and doomsday fears. It’s not that these people are necessarily bad folks—it’s just that they themselves have become trash dumps and that’s all they have to share. But as much as you’d like to see their world filled with joy, it’s not your mission in life to take out their trash. You hang out with trash and you’re going to stink.

Dumpster diving is not what you were created for. Instead of sifting through other people’s trash, try looking to the spiritual truth of who you are. What are you allowing into your consciousness? You may offend your friends by not being their dumping ground but it’s time for your life to be richer than trash. Give up being the garbage collector. You’ve been created for your own unique expression, but being a repository for other’s junk only burdens you with what you’re not. Be who you are.

Spiritual contemplation: Who has been dumping in your world? What can you do to end that?

Affirmation: I am keeping my mind clean for God to express as me!

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