Let’s say you want to go on vacation. After deciding the kind of experience you want to have, mountain or city, private beach or group tour, you generally start by taking out a map and deciding where you want to go. Only then do you start looking around for what to do, where to stay, and how to get there. There isn’t any point in talking about what to do or where to stay if you don’t know where you are going.

This is exactly how the Universal Law works in creating your life.  It can’t create opportunities or avenues for progress if it doesn’t know where you want to go.  First, you have to decide what kind of experience or quality of life you want to have. Then you have to provide focus and intention on the end result – this is the “where you want to go” part of the process. Where do you want to end up – in a successful business, a healthy relationship, a published book, a new home, a healthy body, or whatever you decide – that is completely up to you.  Once you provide the “where you want to go” the Universal Law will support you by taking care of the rest – the “how to get there” – that is the Law’s job. Your job is to stay focused on the end result and then move your feet in the direction as the opportunities present themselves.  So you decide – where do you want to go?