Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated. Lou Holtz

One gorgeous weekday afternoon an older man jogged on a track around a football field at a local high school. As he jogged in circles, he noticed that the football team had begun running wind sprints up and down the field. The man decided that he’d continue running as long as the kids doing their sprints, so he ran, and the players ran. And then he ran some more, and they ran some more. Despite his significant exhaustion, he decided he’d push himself one more lap after which he stopped and leaned over in exhaustion, attempting to catch his breath from the hardest, longest workout he’d had in years. As he walked around the field to cool down and the players stumbled off the field from their grueling workout, one teen approached him and said, “Hey mister, I’m sure glad you stopped. The coach told us we had to run wind sprints as long you ran laps. We are all beat!”

Be careful what you set your criteria by. Don’t get caught up in an association with that which is not relevant to you. It’s easy making comparisons to all sorts of activities going on in the world that aren’t pertinent to you. Just because something’s caught your attention doesn’t mean it’s significant to what you are doing. It’s fun to find inspiring motivation; just be careful it doesn’t take you where you don’t want to go.

Spiritual Contemplation: Have you ever set your standards to something that was not applicable to your situation but somehow you made yourself feel it was? Where did it get you and what did you learn from that experience? Does the comparison serve you?

Affirmation: My inner guidance leads me!