What’s in a name?

When you introduce yourself you say “I’m……” and you add your name. It identifies the unique presence in the world that is YOU. This identification is a powerful statement of your existence, your right to belong, and your intention to show up in the world. What other statements do you begin with “I am”?  Things like: I’m sick of this; I’m tired of what’s going on; I’m overwhelmed by the challenges; I’m not very good at that; I’m fat, stupid, lazy, wounded, a workaholic………  Everything you place after the words “I am” is something you have identified yourself with. It has become part of who you think of yourself to be. Yet none of these statements are in alignment with the deep joyous spiritual truth which is the light and truth of your being.

Take charge of the ways you name yourself.  First – only put positive, uplifting, spiritually truthful things behind the words “I am.”  I am learning and growing; I am grateful; I am supported by the Universe; I am capable, healthy, prosperous, powerful, wonderful, loving, and kind…….

Second – when you do want to share about something you are experiencing but don’t want to identify with it, start with the words “I have” instead.  I have a cold; I have a challenge with this project; I have a difficult time handling my feelings; I have some weight to release; I have bouts of worrying; I have the strength to build, change, create…..  Notice how much more confined to a single situation or moment these statements are. They are no longer statements of your whole being but are rather acknowledgements of individual experiences you are having.  Now experiences you have are things you can actively work on and the great news is that it will pass. Every experience comes and it goes, you can count on that. Only the truth of your being is permanent and unchanging! So, be thoughtful of the names you are calling yourself and claim as your being only that which is spiritually true!