In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

All of creation begins with a word. The way in which we co-create our lives with the Universal Power is through our intentions, which we frame by the very words that we use. Ernest Holmes reminds us that “in the integrity of one’s own conscious self, each person’s word is a seed which is already impregnated with Divine life, and all we are doing in prayer is nurturing this seed. We do not make the seed grow; we let it grow! The great Power is always near, ready at any time to help, but we must use It according to Its own nature, in harmony with Its Law.”

There is such power in your words! Every word you speak is a seed planted in consciousness. Pay attention to the words you use and what you spend your time talking about. This is a good indication of what you believe, and what will play out in your life experience. Be very mindful of your words!

Spiritual Contemplation: What words and phrases do you habitually use that are actually limiting and contrary to your spiritual beliefs and the life you want to lead?

Affirmation: I consciously use only those words that are in alignment with Spiritual Truth, the Power of the Universe, and the Presence of Love.

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