Ask your brain any question, like “Why?”, and it’s designed to try to answer it. We tend to ask”Why?’ when something “bad” happens to us. “Why?” is not a very useful question because it tends to encourage rationalizations, excuses, or metaphysical speculation. “Why?” also causes you to focus on the past, sometimes even to before you were born. But no matter how often you ask the question “Why?” you won’t ever really know.

A much more useful question is “What?” Ask your brain “What is going on?” and it will scurry around and report it’s findings. This illuminates things in your belief system, your experience, or your perspective that are causal to whatever you are wondering “Why” about.  “What do I do now?” orients you to the future rather than the past and actually gives you something useful you can make choices about. Practice asking ‘What?” rather than “Why?” and see what happens. You may be surprised!