“We can never know in advance whether we are going to succeed with something new. That’s why doubt is a condition of the process. But when we experience the doubt and keep going anyway, our trust in our capacity to find our way through the unknown grows exponentially.”  — M. J. Ryan

Always focus on the what, not the how.  Your job in co-creating your life with God, is to focus on the end result.  What do you want to manifest or experience?  What is your highest idea or your digest dream for your life.  Stay focused on that, that is your job in co-creation.

God’s job in the co-creation process is the how.  Don’t you worry about it.  There is an infinite wisdom and intelligence in the Universe, called the Law of Cause and Effect that knows how to create anything.  It’s created the whole Universe, so surely it knows “how” to create the way to your goal.  Even when you doubt or are afraid and what to control things, it is so much better if you do not meddle in the how.  Stay focused on the what.  This is called Faith!

Reflection:  What do I want?  Where I am letting the “how” keep from moving in the direction of my dreams?

Affirmation:  I focus only on the end result.  I leave the How up to God.  I take each step as it appears before me, trusting in the process.