Sometimes we think that if we could just figure out the purpose Life has for us, we will be rewarded with wealth and fulfillment. We want a sign, preferably a neon arrow, to show us which way to go. But this way of approaching purpose assumes a duality between Spirit and us. From this point of view, God is out there directing and judging us. Then we experience life as a series of lessons and rewards based on whether we think we are, or are not, in line with “God’s Plan for us.”

God has said, “I am to My servant as he thinks I am.” Prophet Muhammad, Hadith Qudsi 

God/Life/Spirit is to us, as we think It is. Because It is the impulse of our very life and is already fulfilling Itself simply by being us. It has given us the Universal Laws that are the keys to the Kingdom. Our purpose is to be and express, become and experience LIFE in the unique and precious way that is the way Life shows up AS US. Our purpose is to BE LLIFE AS ME, as the best ME I can be. This means that we seek our innermost talents and strengths, our deepest, truest desires to express and serve, knowing that they come directly from the impulse of Spirit. Spirit is a Unity with us. Life is as close as our heartbeat, as near as our breath, and as present as our hands and voice, as we move out into the world. Every act in alignment with Spirit AS Us fulfills our purpose, and we find ourselves wealthy heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven every day.

Spiritual Contemplation: I am not my job, career, or any role I play. These may be ways in which I express and experience my purpose. I am an incarnation of the Divine Reality; Life’s only plan for me is one of Freedom. The freedom to be ME!

Affirmation: I am free to be me. My purpose is to be the best ME I can be. This is fulfilling Life’s purpose to be Itself in, though, and AS ME!