In the book, Can We Talk to God, Ernest Holmes says, “There is a power and a presence in the universe which responds to us completely, perfectly, that we shall be amazed when we realize how completely and how perfectly, but it can only operate for us through us.”  You see, we don’t believe in the Divine hand of intervention. We don’t believe that if we pray to God that somehow Its hand will come down and pluck us out of our misery and say, “Oh, you deserve to be happy. Here you go.” Nor do we believe that the Divine hand of intervention comes down and says, “Oh, no, you’re way too happy. Let’s have a little test, shall we?”  

The Infinite Reality moves through us. We are the place where the Divine has awakened and has decided to experience itself through creative expression, with the ability to have free will, make choices, and move in the world. It’s not out there. It’s in here!  So we begin by remembering that this is the truth. And we seek to find a place to stand so that this truth can move through us, as us. into the world as a joyful manifestation.  

Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind says that “Treatment is the act, the art and the science of inducing thought within the mentality of the one treating which thought shall proceed, that the person or situation is a Divine, Spiritual, and Perfect Idea.”  We call it Spiritual Mind Treatment because it is a deliberately designed spiritual technology to induce belief and shift consciousness. It’s not just to move our conscious minds, it is to induce belief into our own subjectivity so that we live it, feel it, and accept that we may express and experience it.  

Treatment is the art of moving into truth. It is the act of speaking that truth. And it is the science of using the Law to bring that truth into manifestation. And it begins in this profound place where we know that we are not begging, pleading, bargaining, wishing, hoping, or wanting for something outside of ourselves, to somehow relieve our misery or magically make our good get better. Our Spiritual Mind treatment is like taking a pill for our consciousness. That’s why we call it treatment. It’s like taking the antidote to negative thinking, false beliefs, and small expectations, or taking a growth pill for something that we want to expand or create.

It’s a deliberate treatment that we give our consciousness, because, quite frankly, Spirit is already expressing as us as fully and completely as it possibly can. We have felt it, haven’t we? We’ve touched the Presence of the Infinite, which is always there, always available, and always creating. It’s only the sense of separation and false beliefs that we layer on top of this truth that keeps us from knowing that it’s there. Treatment begins by remembering this truth.

We are deeply capable of utilizing this technology for ourselves and for those that we love. We’ve become good at applying what we’ve learned in meditation, using affirmations and visualizations, and practicing letting go. As we’ve worked with gratitude, it underscores and deepens our understanding of Universal Law, Spiritual Mind Treatment collects all of these together in a focused, deliberate process that doesn’t do anything to the Divine, but moves us into right relationship with Truth, Spiritual Mind treatment brings our whole being to the place where we acquiesce to the reality of the Divine as us and we utilize our power, intention, and choices to consciously participate in creation.