Your body has something in the neighborhood of 40 trillion cells—quite a consulting committee. Call on it when you’re confused or undecided. Relax quietly and ask your body what it has to say.  Victoria Moran

Working with others can be challenging—whether on a volunteer team, a work group, or managing employees. Yet working with others allows us to multiply the effectiveness of our work in ways beyond what any one person can accomplish. Years ago I hated working with committees; it was simply easier to do it myself. And I knew that it would get done right! But oh boy, was it exhausting. Now, there isn’t much that I wouldn’t tackle with a group of minds and hearts, rather than just working by myself.

I’ve learned to go with the flow by relaxing into the Divine Presence and Power of Life as it moves through each person in the group. I now love to trust the unfolding process of life toward greater life—because I always know a better outcome and more abundant result are assured. Pushing harder or doing more isn’t the answer. It’s so much healthier, and much more fun, to allow Spirit to work through you and through others for the greater benefit of all.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you holding on to doing it yourself? What do you believe would happen if you trusted others to get involved? Could you find a new belief?

Affirmation: I allow myself to go with the flow, knowing that as I listen to others, and others listen to me, we are making the larger Reality of Spirit present in the conversation.

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