Once again you find yourself feeling the same doubts, the same anger or the same unpleasant feelings you’ve felt before; and once again they feel true and real. Where do these feelings come from? They are a product of thoughts and believes that are growing as weeds in the garden of your mind; Weeds of doubting yourself, because of something that happened to you in Jr. High; Weeds of inadequacy because of things your parents said to you; Weeds of anger, because your family constantly fought. However these weeds were planted, they are bearing fruit that is no longer what you choose to have in your life.

Contemplation: When have I felt this feeling before? When was the first time I felt it? How is this feeling being recreated over and over again in my life? What do I choose to believe instead? What do I know is my spiritual truth?

Affirmation: I weed out fear, anger, doubt, tension, and inadequacy. I know who I am and how I can make a difference.