“There is a power in the Universe, and you can use it for good” — Ernest Holmes 

The universal power is one of creation and it operates through the Law of Cause and Effect.  Whatever you focus on becomes “cause” in your life, producing the “effect” which is the life you are living today.  Are you using this power for good in your life and for the good of others?

You use this power for good by focusing your intention on, and paying attention to, the good you want to create.   Focus your consciousness.  Intend to be loving, generous, and purposeful.  The power of your intention is that it sets a new “cause”, a new course, in the Law, which automatically produces a new “effect.”   The power of the Universe is always responding by growing and multiplying what you focus upon.

Reflection:  How consciously are you using your intention to use the power of the Universe for good?

Affirmation:  I intend to live on purpose, in a fulfilled and meaningful life.  My intention is the focusing lens through which I look and act.