Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.  Wayne Dyer

Everyone shows up differently—in the ways they love and speak, and the things they value. Deep spiritual living allows us to see and celebrate all people’s precious uniqueness without requiring them to be like us. We may decide their way doesn’t suit us, so we choose not to hang out together or work together. Look carefully at that person who irritates you, pushes your buttons, or simply seems to be running through life on a very different track from you. Remember, everyone is here to give and receive love. Seek to tune into their way and you will see them blossom before your very eyes.

This is just as true with the things we decide are important to us or create an abundant life. Every one of us does this differently. Decide what you think is your abundant life. It may be traveling around the world for years and living with the local people on money you earn washing dishes. It may be creating jobs for thousands by developing a new business or patenting a new invention. It may be spending hours with your paints or with your children. There is no “right” way to be abundant—there’s only your way. Take the time to tune into yourself.

Spiritual Contemplation: What makes you feel really luxurious and abundant? What allows you to feel like you are really living your dream and making your contribution?

Affirmation: I am deciding to be abundant my way. I seek only those things that add value and meaning to my life. I am not fooled by other people’s ideas of how my life should look.