Every spiritual tradition teaches the power of prayer. This power is actually the power of the Universal Spiritual Law co-creating life through your belief and intention. Jesus of Nazareth taught this law when he said “As you believe, so be it done unto you.” Your only focus needs to be on your thought and belief. The Law will take care of the rest.

This is an amazing place of hope and comfort. You don’t have to figure out how something will heal or manifest. All you need to do is trust in the Law. You use this trust every time you plant a seed. You trust that the seed and the soil, through some process no one really understands, will grow into the plant you desire. Trust the law with your intention and belief, it to will grow into what you desire.

Contemplation:There is a power for Good in the Universe, and you can use it.” – Ernest Holmes Do you believe this? Are you deliberately using it?

Affirmation: I use the power of my word and intention for good in my life, humanity, and creation.