People can be untrustworthy. Situations can be untrustworthy. Circumstances can be untrustworthy. Why – because these are all limited, finite, imperfect manifestations of Life. When your spiritual practice admonishes you to trust, it isn’t about trusting things, people, or conditions. It is about trusting the Universal Presence and the Infinite Power to be what It is and to do what It does. It is about trusting your ability to use this power for Good. It is about trusting that the love of God is always present and the Law of the Universe is always working. It is about trusting that the dice of Life are inherently loaded in your favor, All you have to do is align yourself with Life. This is what the ancients meant when they talked about faith. It is the willingness to trust the absolute Divine, Universal Reality more than the limited, finite, human conditions of the present or the past.