Learning to rewire the brain is one of the many new places science and spirituality meet!

Our outward life is a result of the subjective state of our thought. The thinker is conscious mind, but when we think we let fall the forms of our thought into Subjective Mind, which is the Universal Medium of all thought and action and, as a result of this, the Creative Medium at once sets to work to produce the thing outlined.  Ernest Holmes

There is one Life, Power, and Presence in the Universe—we call it God, Spirit, Consciousness. Great thinkers have called it a Universal Mind, the Divine Intelligence behind all of creation. Psychology has revealed that we not only have a conscious mind with which we think and choose, we also have a subconscious, or subjective, mind that stores everything our conscious mind has experienced. Here is where all our beliefs, habits, and patterns of thinking are laid down as neural pathways in our brain. Once these grooves are established, our mind tends to think along those same lines, over and over again, thereby forming the mold that the Universal Law uses to create our world of experience.

Affirmations, new ways of thinking, reading, and learning spiritual truths—these are all designed to provide your conscious mind with new ideas that must be given as much or more attention as the old ones so that new pathways can be carved into the brain. “Synapses that fire together, wire together.” Consciously firing new synapses with affirmations and spiritual truths literally rewires our brain, which then creates an entirely new subjective reality. This is what creates the new mold for our life of increasing abundance.

Spiritual Contemplation: Notice how much mental energy and time you give an affirmation or new idea compared to the habitual thoughts that run around like monkeys in your mind. Take the time to rewire your brain through your affirmations.

Affirmation: I am in charge of my mind. I choose to focus on abundance thinking, spiritual truths, and powerful affirmations. I spend more mental energy on this than anything else.