More shootings in a church, a child killed by accident, and families are torn asunder by gunfire. Facing the news is heartbreaking and reading the stories can depress or anger us so much that we don’t know what to do. It can become so overwhelming that we simply go numb, stop caring or go into denial.

But you are a lightworker. You are a radiant being of Love and Light, an incarnation of the Ultimate Reality Itself, expressing and experiencing the joy of being alive. It is in these very moments of tragedy or crisis that you are called to the working of the light. Do not succumb. Instead BE the Light, affirm the Light, expect the Light to grow,  and act from the Light with certainty and strength. Every act of Light is like putting a candle into a dark room.  At first, a single candle seems dim and ineffective. But keep adding candles and the darkness simply recedes into nothing. Every act of Light working is like adding another candle to the dark room.  Don’t ever forget that you are a lightworker. Your Light is needed every day!