Are you clinging to or ready to release the toxic relationships in your life?

A man was once struck with a poisonous arrow, and in order to save his friend’s life his mate removed the arrow before the poison spread through his body. Imagine, however, if the man didn’t want the arrow removed until he knew who shot it at him and why, their age, their clan, and the kind of poison they used. If he were to wait for all these inquiries to be answered, he’d die.

Whether the world is finite or infinite, limited or unlimited, the problem of your liberation remains the same.  Buddha

Life is precious and brief and sometimes we get so caught up in our metaphysical demands that we forget to take care of the matter at hand. You don’t have to have all your questions answered before taking the necessary action in your life. Getting lost in the speculative while life passes you by is a waste of the gift of living. If you are being poisoned, get the toxic relationship out of your life. Then you can do all the contemplating you’d like until you figure out enough lessons. But if you are dead because of your inaction, contemplation isn’t going to serve you very well in this world.

Spiritual Contemplation: What toxic relationships and situations are you presently involved in that you haven’t removed yourself from? What’s the purpose of remaining attached to the poisonous pump? Remove the toxicity from your lifeline now.

Affirmation: I remove all points of poison from my life!