What could I say to you that would be of value, except that perhaps you seek too much, that as a result of your seeking you cannot find. Hermann Hesse

Have you unknowingly kept away the very thing you were looking for? Ever recognize that the harder you push for an answer, the further it seems to retreat from your awareness, like that word on the tip of your tongue. The more you attempted to grasp it, the more elusive it became. How you have been so convinced of how difficult something was going to be that you couldn’t do anything at all? This paralysis is actually a great opportunity to chill out and allow yourself to open to the abundant good all around you that’s looking for a portal of entry.

If your time is filled with seeking, where’s the space for the wealth of the Divine to pour forth Its blessing? And where can this blessing find a home? If you want an abundant life of joy, harmony, and health, rather than efforting from sun up to sun down, just STOP. Love, good friends, and the freedom to enjoy them are here for you now! The answer you are looking for is inside you, and the love you are looking for is the love you must give. So the next time you are too tired and too stressed to make things happen, your body‘s telling to you to take a break. You’ve become too full of yourself and have forgotten to leave the door open for God to come visit.

Spiritual Contemplation: When do you struggle to make things happen and take the fun out of the experience for those around you? Where do you get so consumed with your perspective at how tough it is that you forget there is already an answer that can ease your stress? Relax, go play, and let God back in.

Affirmation: That was easy!

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