It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome. William James

In football at the end of the first and second half there’s something called the two-minute drill when the offense moves the ball down the field with great speed and accuracy. The two-minute drill is also an excellent strategy for much in your day. Ever notice if you have only one important e-mail to write, you might labor over it all day, but if you have several, somehow you tackle them all in a swift and timely manner? How about the week before your vacation? Are you suddenly able to handle a vast amount of work in order to clear your desk and docket? When you have friends or family coming to stay at your house, don’t you do chores you’ve been putting off for months?

Imagine running your life with this kind of proficiency of swift decision-making and follow-through on a regular basis. Rather than waiting for pressure to prompt you into effectiveness you can choose to live from the abundance of energy that is generated from vision and inner connection. Instead of telling yourself how difficult the task is, open your consciousness to receive the power, the presence, and wisdom now in you, as you, to establish your heaven on earth. Then notice how much freer your mind is and how much more energy you have to direct toward your creative endeavors.

Spiritual Contemplation: What tasks that beg your attention have been enlarging in scope since you’ve been putting them off? Go do them and see how good it feels to have them handled.

Affirmation: I am efficiently handling my to-do list today!

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