The things we hold to be true are exactly what the Law of Attraction operates upon. Our thoughts form the mold of our lives and the beliefs in our subjective mind. Thus the saying “Thoughts are Things.” So if we want to attract something different, we have to create a different belief. This creates a “new thought” which becomes the magnet for our new experience.

Resolve a thing into a thought, change the thought, and that automatically changes the thing. Thomas Troward

We can change what we hold to be true about abundance by collecting evidence in support of it. Begin looking for all the ways nature is abundant. Look for all the ways abundance shows up in your life. Focus on abundance everywhere you can find it, see it, and talk about it. You begin to see that abundance is your birthright and believe that it is possible for you to experience. Stop telling any story to the contrary because that provides your mind with conflicting and competing evidence, and your magnet then tries to attract opposite things at the same time.

Spiritual Contemplation: Imagine that your thoughts about abundance clump together to form an actual magnet for your good. Let’s say the spiritual truths you believe create the positive pole and your past experience or old beliefs create the negative pole. Which side of your magnet is doing the most attracting? How is that playing out in your life?

Affirmation: I think and affirm great abundance for myself, and for all people everywhere. I am a powerful spiritual magnet attracting great good into life!