May at CSLDallas

BE the Power and Heal

We know that the Divine Blueprint for Life is Wholeness and radiant expression – whether that is through a body, an experience, a nation, or a thought. Every aspect of creation has behind it a mental and spiritual cause, and the Original Cause for anything is absolutely perfect.

Think of it this way – the original idea of the chair you are sitting in is perfect. It fits perfectly to a body sitting in it, it is perfectly made, and it feels and looks perfect. Between that idea and the chair you are sitting in, is everything it takes to “make” the chair or to manifest it into reality. Along the way imperfections can creep in, especially in the translation of Causal idea through human, limited understanding and finite execution.

However, we aren’t focusing on creating a chair, but rather on healing a body, a life, a nation, or a planet. Here too, we can see that there is an original “idea,” a Divine Blueprint which is the Cause behind a human body, a joy-filled life, a healthy nation, and a healthy planet.  Imperfections creep in when we interfere with the Divine Cause with our own human limited ideas, fears, false beliefs, or simply our unconscious use of the Creative Process to “get what we think we want” in the way we think we need to get it.

Healing happens when we consciously align our mind, thoughts, hearts, and actions with the Divine Blueprint, the inherent Cause back of all Life and back of the particular thing that is in need of healing. In this way, we consciously engage in the Creative Process, using it to realign the Law with the original Cause, releasing whatever imperfections have crept in. Then everything we think, do, or say is grounded in and moves from the perfect Blueprint, the Original Cause. When the manifestation reflects this Truth, this Original Cause, we call it a healing. Sometimes we even call it a miracle.

You can participate in, co-create, and manifest healing. As we focus on the Creative Process and how you can use it, we will explore every step to take along the way.  In support of this powerful topic, we are reading Terry McBride’s inspirational book The Hell I Can’t, in which he shares the story of his own “miraculous” healing and how he used these tools and principles to heal himself.  On May 26, Terry will also be a guest speaker, sign books, and provide a powerful workshop this month – Taking Charge of Your Creative Mind. Join us in May and BE the Power and Heal.



The Hell I Can’t by Terry McBride

The Hell I Can’t! is a true story of power and healing. It’s real, it’s raw and most of all its inspiring. One man, facing insurmountable odds, has the courage to cling to hope and the possibility that he can create a miracle when everyone else has given up. A true story of guts, determination and the power of conviction. Terry’s book reads like a novel, where you are rooting for the hero as he faces huge challenges. As he picks himself up time and time again in his struggle to regain his health, what he learns and shares through his own ordeal will inspire you to go after your dreams. He also used the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) through his entire journey. He’s not a storybook hero; he’s just like you. And he proves you can have what you want.

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