March at CSLDallas

Theme: Inner Worth, Outer Wealth

Prosperity and Abundance mean so many different things to different people, yet somewhere along the line it includes money and our financial stability. Spiritual people often struggle with money as somehow “not spiritual”, yet we can’t live in this world without it.

Integrative life coach Nancy Levin, author of our book of the month Worthy – Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth states, “Money. We love it. We hate it. If we don’t have enough, we’re struggling to get more. If we do have it, we’re fighting to hold on to it. Why does money have to be such a source of anxiety?”

The biggest challenge with our prosperity is often whether or not we can accept that we deserve it and can actually imagine being worthy of it. For years my prosperity was capped by how I imagined my mother would react – would she raise her eyebrows and think I was getting stuck up or too full of myself? Why should my joy in my own prosperity mean I was too full of myself? That sounds like religious guilt or simply a desire not to shine. Our financial freedom is in direct relationship to our sense of self-worth.

One way we can experience our inner worth is to truly learn to take joy in someone else’s prosperity. Sharing in another’s experience of wealth and great Good, rather than comparing it to our own or having a negative response, is a powerful way to embrace the abundance of the Universe. When we are able to truly celebrate it for someone else we grow that space in consciousness for ourselves.

Join us this month as we Take Up creating prosperity and financial freedom. Let’s grow our inner worth and deepen our connection to the Abundance of Life Itself!

Dr Petra

Book of the Month

Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth by Nancy Levin

In Worthy, Nancy makes an essential, eye-opening connection: the state of our net worth is a direct reflection of our self-worth. Then she shows us how to get to the root of the problem and do the internal work that’s needed to replace feelings of unworthiness with a solid sense of our own value. Whether we’re looking for financial ease or a new relationship with money and ourselves, Worthy will give us the tools to clear the path for wholeness, fulfillment, and richness in all areas of our lives – especially our bank accounts.




Friday Night Lights – Drum Circle: Friday, March 3 @ 7:00pm

The Happiness Project Book Study: Saturday, March 4 @ 10:00am

The Power of Decision Class: Tuesday, March 7 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Book of the Month Engagement: Friday, March 10 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Kirtan Meditation: Friday, March 17 @ 7:00pm

Your Path to Prosperity: A Sacred and Practical Journey:  Monday, March 20 @ 7:00pm

Mantras and More With Henry Marshall: Saturday, March 25 @ 7:00pm