It’s Time to Celebrate!

When was the last time you stopped and celebrated how far you’ve come in your spiritual journey? Do you take the time to notice your demonstrations and celebrate your accomplishments? When you do, how do you celebrate them?

We are so often focused solely on our self-improvement or getting healthy or creating wealth that we forget to stop and shout “TSRW” along the way. “TSRW” means “This Sh%t Really Works!” which is what we say when we notice how Good our lives are or how much we’ve demonstrated and manifested!

This month, as we celebrate the TSRW that is CSLDallas, we stop to celebrate our ministry, our teachings, our community, our longevity, our stability, our growth, and YOU! Along with Dr Petra, Rev Karen, and CSLDallas, we celebrate Rev Patti Generes for her amazing contribution and Rev Vince for his heart of service. We also celebrate with profound gratitude our staff – Ryan Brown, Stephan van Coppenole, Briana Ebmeier, Bee Bee Gafoor, and Oscar Sueng. We shout out a huge TSRW to our Practitioners who bring so much Consciousness and Love to our community and to our Team Leads and Volunteers who make everything happen.

We also celebrate YOU, our community! We are so grateful for folks who have been with us for a long time – over 20 years! We are grateful for those folks who have lived through all the changes in the last 5-20 years. And we are grateful to those who are really becoming part of CSLDallas, from brand new to 5 years. Every person is a key addition. Every person carries a piece of our Vision. Most importantly, every person who takes up these teachings in their own lives, proves that Science of Mind is a powerful faith work to the realization of Oneness and the manifestation of Heaven on earth; thereby, sharing and spreading the message of our teachings and our community to those who are searching for what each of us has found here.

Now, it’s your turn! What milestone are you celebrating in your life? What accomplishments are your TSRWs? What personal and spiritual growth have you already embodied? Take time this month to stop and look back. Notice how far you’ve come. Document your wins and your progress and your deepening. Share it. Celebrate it. You’ve earned it!

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