Rather than either/or try to find the middle way. This allows the infinity of the Divine to come to the table. This makes all the difference!

Sometimes in the process of decision-making, you see your point of view as the only option. But being fixated on only one way doesn’t feel right—it will stir your insides and obscure your inner vision for a new kind of seeing. If instead you were to step back, you might easily notice there is an opposite perspective to yours. And observing from an even higher perspective, you’ll come to see a third option that is often overlooked: the middle way between the two conflicting opposites. Having a higher perspective is how you’ll find the way through your inner obstacles in situations like negotiating with your teenager without either giving in or making him wrong.

It takes two sides to fight, but a third to stop. William Ury 

As you adopt a higher perspective, affirm guidance that you will find another way, the middle way. Then remember to separate the person from the issue at hand. Don’t defend your position but invite the other’s criticism and counsel. Allow them to share their story, emotions, and concerns as you listen and acknowledge them. Then focus on your common interests rather than the problem. If you are willing to stay in the conversation without making the other person wrong, this approach will bring a shift and another way than was not previously known.

Spiritual Contemplation: Find an area of your life that could use some fresh observation and find the middle way.

Affirmation: I now see another way through!

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