The Power of Words: Herein is the mystery of life. You and I are intelligent centers using the creative word for that which we will constructively or destructively, and that creative word which we use becomes the law unto the thing whereunto it is sent and becomes the concept behind it and projects the thing, creates the thing in our life. Ernest Holmes

I had the joy of going to a liberal arts college where I had an amazing English professor who completely understood the power of words. One day in class, he talked about how an author creates an entire world in which his characters play out their lives. He described how the narration invites us to step through a window and look inside these lives. Somewhere in the lecture it became clear that he was discussing not only the process of writing, but also the way in which we narrate our lives. The very words we use and the way we describe things become, he emphasized, a type of window through which we look and ultimately create, the reality of our lives.

So you see, your words are the Words of Creation. Pay attention to these words you use, habitually or unconsciously, and how you describe things and people in your life. Is this the way you want your life to look? If not, use different words. Over time, you will see your world conform to the way you describe it. That is the power of your word!

Spiritual Contemplation: What is the underlying narrative of your life? What kinds of descriptive words do you tend to use?

Affirmation: I pay attention to my words! I use the power of words to describe a creative, joyous, abundant life!

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