Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart. Julie Marie

Have you ever tried to give all your love away? Imagine it right now. Give your love, like a beam of light from your heart, to every person you can think of. As much as you can give, does it get used up? Imagine feeling and being loving toward others. How about if you are loving to the clerk in the store and the person on the freeway and the woman in the elevator and the clerk behind the desk. Is it used up now?

There is always enough love because it flows from an infinite wellspring, an eternal presence of Love. We can never run out. There is no shortage of Love, ever, for us to bring into the world. The only time we feel like there isn’t enough is when we are concerned that there isn’t enough coming back to us. Yet the people who love us draw from that same infinite wellspring, so how can they run out? They may run out of patience, or understanding, or maturity, or the ability to cope, but they can’t run out of love.

See yourself as the giver and receiver of Love from this infinite well. Notice that some conduits are bigger than others, some may have a kink in the hose, but there is more than enough to fill up and flow through every pipe!

Spiritual Contemplation: What causes you to feel or believe that there isn’t enough love—in you or in someone else? Turn your attention to the Wellspring of All Good and feel Its unending Presence.

Affirmation: There is more than enough love in Spirit as me to share and express. Love is overflowing in my life.