What we all need is a better understanding of the universal principles at the very foundation of Being, of the spiritual character of God, and especially of the omnipresence of the spiritual principles. Then we need to understand our relation to these spiritual principles and what we have to do to make them operative in our mind and affairs. Charles Fillmore

How do you raise the vibration of your life to create more abundance than you currently attract? One way is to apply universal principles to your life rather than just the beliefs of your childhood.

A universal spiritual principle is a description of changeless reality. It is something you know is true about the nature of reality or the way the universe works according to spiritual laws. It can also be a quality you attribute to Spirit, the Divine, and God. In any situation, remembering a spiritual principle and applying it to your thinking helps you move into alignment with reality in such a way that your life is lifted and transformed.

A spiritual principle, as well as your intuition about reality, never has fear or limitation attached to it. It is always an expansive, life-affirming, creative possibility. It may seem challenging because to live according to a spiritual principle may be outside of your comfort zone or your current experience, but it in itself is not inherently fear-based or limiting.

Spiritual Contemplation: What universal principles do you reach for most often to help you move through challenging situations?

Affirmation: I raise my awareness and my vibrational rate by applying Universal Spiritual Principles to my thinking.

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