Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things (having awareness), what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit.  William James

Error is a tricky little bugger because it doesn’t arrive with a bell ringing around its neck. There is no “Ta-Da, here I am! Watch out for me, because I’m about to create some doubt in your life.” Alert spiritual practitioners, however, will always catch error appearing as a person, place, thing, or condition because they know that error is never actually any of those things. When you embrace the reality that Spirit is Infinite and is all there is, you know that there’s no ultimate reality to disease, lack, or whatever error is showing up.

You choose which reality you want to live in. If you believe that Spirit is the substance of all, then you must agree that error is an illusion. No doubt every day you face strong materialistic beliefs defended by the world of form. But when you are one with the spiritual consciousness of Spirit, the hypnotic nature of error is irrelevant. Never believe the suggestion of an illusion that has lodged itself in your human consciousness. Instead, go straight to Spiritual consciousness and wake up there knowing you are in full integrity with your truth.

Spiritual Contemplation: What trances of limitation are you caught in? How has erroneous thinking left you believing the challenge in your life is a person, place, thing, or condition? What new awareness do you need to have?

Affirmation: I awaken from the trance of error into the consciousness of Oneness!