Isn’t it just the story of your life? The stories we tell become the truths we believe that become subconscious patterns of seeing the world. These patterns become filters through which we perceive our lives and the reactions that play out in our relationships – which become the basis for more stories to tell. In this way, our stories create the very lives we live and as we tell a new version of the same story the cycle repeats endlessly.

So how shall we break out of the endless repetition of worn-out ways of behaving and experiencing our lives? Begin with a new story. Instead of starting with your trauma or limitation, start with your spiritual identity. Instead of focusing on everything that hasn’t worked, pick out something that did. Rather the finding fault or blame, look for moments of luminosity and beauty. Begin to weave these truths into a new story about who you are and the life you lead. Notice something different happening and add that to your new story. Keep adding paragraphs and chapters to this new story and pretty soon it will turn into the story of your life.