Giving is powerful form of spiritual practice. Giving is the way to prime the pump for your good! Giving opens the channels and releases the flow, allowing more good to come to you. Become a generous giver because Spirit mirrors back to you whatever you think and do. So be generous, and the Law returns that generosity to you!

When the law of circulation is retarded, stagnation results. It is only when we allow the Divine current to flow through us, in and out, we really express life. The law of giving and receiving is definite. Ernest Holmes.

Regular and committed giving, which is tithing, is a profound spiritual practice. Tithing comes from the desire to say thank you for the abundance you have already received. It’s an act of faith in that you can give away 10 percent, save 10 percent, and still have more than enough left over. Make your claim on Spirit and expect your abundance. Then say thank you by giving back!

Spiritual Contemplation: Where is the Law of Circulation stagnant in your life? What do you need to start giving? Are you a committed giver, tithing of your good? How can you engage in this powerful spiritual practice to create more abundance in your life today?

Affirmation: I joyously give of my abundance. I know it blesses and prospers our world!