You are rooted in Life, Love, and the Divine Presence. This is not something you achieve, it is something you already are. No matter how dim the light or distant the feeling, the heart of the Universe lives and beats in you. Do not be afraid to turn to the Indwelling Presence. Do not hesitate to reach for the All-Originating Love. Talk to Spirit as the well-spring of Life and Creation. Listen to the sermon in the stones and the hallelujah in the birdsong with gratitude and praise.

This Infinite Life is the Source of all Life, your life, each life.Sit in quiet and stillness. Contemplate the mystery of Oneness and the over-arching reality of the One Source. Don’t focus on the problem but see the ways Life is expressing. Speak about the little joys and ordinary moments that are sourced in Love, Peace, Beauty, Joy, and Abundance. No matter how small these things may be, you are recognizing Spirit as present and remembering your Source. This alignment, tuning into the Source, brings comfort, security, and consolation when you need it the most, filling your awareness with Spirit. The Infinite, Indwelling Presence provides everything that is needed, for It is the great well-spring, the Source of All. Drink deeply from the well. Be nourished and refreshed. Be renewed in mind and heart. Be lifted in Spirit.