Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend. Lucy Liu

One common cultural sign of our day is found on telephone poles with its arrow pointing down the street to the nearest rummage sale. What you’ll find there is a crapshoot; you might stumble onto a gold mine, or a bunch of nothing. Yard sales are actually a wonderful rotation that creates abundance and good feeling. One person’s junk can be another’s treasure. Sellers are happy for a few extra bucks and a good home for their items, and buyers are happy because they get a good deal on a new prize. Rather than ending up in the landfill, a piece finds new life and appreciation in a new environment. Everyone is blessed in this exchange. (Just be sure to get there early or the good stuff will already have been picked through and on its way to a new home.)

In addition, walking through the slew of stuff sprawled out for the picking can be a journey back in time, filled with recollections and smells triggering lost memories, each piece with its own mysterious history. Most important, circulating and repurposing what once had value in your life is a great way to create space for what is to be new in your world. Letting go and making room is an important spiritual practice. So stay healthy, take some deep breaths, drink lots of water, and clear the clutter.

Spiritual Contemplation: Circulate some of your old treasures that have lost their value in your world. Watch the joy you bring to others and notice how good it feels to be a blessing with that which blessed you.

Affirmation: It’s a joy to share my treasures with others.

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