There is that within us which longs to be loved. This is our human identity, believing in its separateness, seeking approval, acceptance, and belonging.  As we grow spiritually we come to know a Presence at the center of the Universe. This Presence is the Love that is the impulse behind creation. Life loves so much it has given Itself to us and become each one of us. You are the universal Presence becoming individualized as you.

We experience this Presence as a profound sense of Connection and Oneness. We no longer seek love but are so filled with the Love that is the Divine, that it wells up and pours over us and out into our lives. This welling up from within is the warmth and loving Presence of the ONE revealing Itself at the very heart of our being. We cannot be any more loved, approved of and accepted than that. Practice the Presence and the personalness of the Divine becomes the sweet nectar of Love pouring through and from your very soul.