People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. Edmund Hillary

Transcending the ordinary comes from a deeply held desire to move from limitation into a more abundant and free state of expression. Exhaustion from the mundane and a sense of hopelessness have the potential to create even more negative experiences in your life. Because there’s something stirring in your soul that hasn’t been satisfied, a temporary fix won’t last. This emptiness is a deep suffering that is waiting for a Divine touch. It can’t be fixed by thinking your way out. Now is when the brush of grace is most needed to propel you to the next rung on the spiral of your journey.

The missing pieces, like your talents and gifts, have always been there despite the fact that you can’t see them in your present state. They haven’t been withheld—they’re just awaiting your discovery. Only by going deeper than the ordinary, mundane, la-di-da daily grind can you unearth them. But you can’t go deep if you’ve turned yourself off so as not to feel the pain of a seemingly meaningless life. Fear will thrive when the light goes out within, and you’ll never survive the darkness if you believe that what you fear has more power than what is within you. Whatever it takes, be it crisis or creation, what turns on the light within will awaken and realign you with your higher purpose and passion. Dispelling the doubt in your life will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Spiritual Contemplation: What creative project breathed life through you and made that time in your life extraordinary? What heartbreaking event bumped you into a deeper realization of the preciousness of life? Sit in those passionate energies for a while. Remember what they felt like moving through you and know that vibrational match is still waiting for you.

Affirmation: My life moves from ordinary to extraordinary!