The God that is in us is the same God that is universal. There is no wall of separation, no barrier, no place where one begins and the other leaves off. All is one and one is all. Ernest Holmes

Getting caught in your human struggle can cause you to question your Oneness with Spirit. You might imagine yourself like a windowpane. No matter how dirty the pane is, it doesn’t affect the sunlight itself. The sun always shines brightly. It’s every false idea of who you are, every smallness, littleness, resentment, and unforgiveness, that clouds the windowpane. Every time you feel unable, unworthy, or unnecessary, you are fogging the window with the illusion of separation.

Clean your dirty window with deep spiritual truths and a new way of seeing yourself and the world. The birthing of the Light that we celebrate in so many ways this season is all about this eternal light that is always shining. When we see with the eyes of the ONE, look how bright the light becomes! This brightness is your eternal Oneness with Spirit. You only sometimes seem separate from it. Remember, you never really are.

Spiritual Contemplation: What beliefs or stories do you carry that separate you from your ONENESS?

Affirmation: The eternal Light is revealed within me and within all people. In this light our Oneness is revealed.