Grace because the Universe is Itself an infinite givingness—It can’t help it; that is Its nature. Ernest Holmes

The garden of the Divine has fragrances you can’t describe. Surrender your need for explanation, and wander in the mystical realm beyond reason. You will be uplifted by Grace, empowered by Vision, and revitalized by Life Itself. When you return, you may not have any words, but your healing and transformation will impact everything.

Connect with your Center, and you connect with the Source of All. You are a portal of the Divine where the infinite and the finite merge, one into the other. Your being is the fulcrum where Spirit becomes matter and human becomes Divine. Breathe into the still point at your Center, and you breathe in the Heart of the One.

Spiritual Contemplation: When do you experience the presence and gift of Grace?

Affirmation: I am open to the gift of Grace as the Presence of the Divine. I open myself to the mystery and mystical experience of the One.

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