The Divine Presence is already what you are, and It contains the possibility of all joy in living. You should not entertain any thought that would limit your experience of the good life. There is nothing in you that can separate you from the Divine Presence . . . The greater possibility of knowing the Love of God, increased joy of living and greater good in your life is yours for the accepting. Ernest Holmes

When I feel stressed or shut down, my favorite thing to do is walk in the woods. Simply being in the quiet and hearing the wind in the trees help to settle my soul. Without all the demands of life pressing in on me I notice that my Spirit expands. In that moment I begin to look around and see life with awe and wonder again. A beautiful leaf, an intriguing, gnarled tree, a tiny flower, or the racing clouds remind me that I am part of something vast and filled with Love and an explosion of Being. This completely shifts my state of consciousness, raises my vibrational rate, and alters how I see everything.

Open your heart and mind to the Divine Presence. Court the Beloved by seeing it everywhere and in every being. Notice the squirrel—that’s the Divine Presence. Listen to the wind—that’s the Divine Presence. Gaze into another’s eyes—there’s the Divine Presence as well. Smile, and the Divine Presence smiles in return!

Spiritual Contemplation: What do you do to commune with the Divine Presence? When are you most aware of this Presence?

Affirmation: I open my heart and mind to an awareness of the Divine Presence.

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