The grass is always greener over the septic tank. Erma Bombeck

Have you ever stopped to think about the word club? It can mean a weapon, or an organization with members. It’s interesting to note that a club is a way to keep someone out of the “in” group, but its exclusivity is equally as seductive and powerful in keeping someone in. If you use the club to keep others out, you’ll soon find the club keeping you trapped in. When you stop believing that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, no matter how desirous the club members make it sound, the grass will be greener where you water it, so bring your focus home.

A while back a couple of farmers were conversing about the mouse problem in their area. One of the farmers shared how his hay was fouled by mice and his cattle wouldn’t eat it. His neighbor suggested he fence off the fouled hay, which he did. The next day the farmer went outside to find his cattle reaching through the fence eating the hay they wouldn’t touch the day before. Exclusiveness, elitism, superiority, snobbery are all an invisible fence that makes what’s on the other side seem greener and deserving of the club. But is it really?

Spiritual Contemplation: When have you been seduced to want to be in “the club”? When in, what did you do to help perpetuate its exclusivity? When have you wanted out of a group dynamic that you couldn’t easily free yourself from? What was the imaginary club that was ready to bop you if you were to proceed? What did you learn about yourself from these experiences?

Affirmation: I see Spirit right where I am.

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